Christmas 2011

Happy Holidays from the Texas Hill Country!    2011 marks our 7th year here in our “second” paradise on our little two acres on the outskirts of Austin. It seems like just yesterday that we left our long-time home and business in Hawaii and made our way to Austin.   This year has been very good … [Read more…]

Music, Music, Music

My new group, EVOLUTION, has been performing regularly this year.  The group currently consists of myself on keyboards and key bass, Michael Minnis: guitar, Darren DeBree: percussion, and Meriah Garrett, vocalist.  We play regularly at Evangeline Cafe, a great Cajun food joint in S. Austin, as well as regular appearances at Domingo’s Mexican Grill … [Read more…]

Man cannot live by bread alone

Late last winter, Dorothee and I decided to adopt an informal, no beef/pork/chicken policy.  We’ve studied the food industry and have concluded that corporate factory processed meats are not produced under the healthiest conditions.  More importantly, the conditions under which these “food” animals are raised are abysmal at best. The book “Eating Animals” by Jonathan … [Read more…]

A Barn Raising in the Hill Country

Back in the Fall of 2006, I learned of a “Barn-Raising” event for a family that owns and operates a small flower and vegetable farm located between Dripping Springs and Wimberley.  Both Dorothee and I participated in the 3-weekend barn raising, along with perhaps 60-80 other local residents.  It was truly an extraordinary example of … [Read more…]

Of People and Automobiles

One of my new “careers” has been providing limousine service, mostly for weddings, using “Nigel” our 1959 Jaguar MK IX Saloon. There has been a surprising demand for my services, keeping me busy almost every weekend during wedding “season” (roughly February – October).  My company is called Austin Classic Limo . As a budding … [Read more…]

Jazz in the Canyon 2010

Dorothee pulled it off for a 4th straight year! Our now-annual Jazz in the Canyon celebration. This year, on November 14, the weather cooperated superbly, greeting our 100+ guests with sunlight and cheer. In addition to our long-time 5-person core group, we’ve added a new group that I belong to called “Evolution” Dorothee turned … [Read more…]

New Photos, Same old US

I met a photographer, Clayton Austin, while providing one of my classic cars for a photoshoot.  His work is incredible, so we decided to have him conduct a shoot with Dorothee and me.  His photos just came back, and we’re very pleased with the results.  Here is just one of his examples: View more on … [Read more…]

I dreamt of Flying Lexi

In 2004 I owned one of the best-built cars ever: a Lexus SC300 coupe.  I loved that car.  The interior comfort appointments rival the best-built cars coming out of Europe today.  You were surrounded by REAL wood, sumptuous leather, and every imaginable electronic gadget one could ever desire.  Best of all, the A/C and radio … [Read more…]