Garner State Park

Last week I was digging through the closet and came on a nice little camping tent we bought some 2 years ago… still unopened in its original box!  Could it be we’ve gone that long and not taken advantage of all the great outdoor spots here in the Hill Country? On the spur of the … [Read more…]


In 2004, Dorothee and I spent a month living in the center of Paris.  We had exchanged our then-home in Hawaii with that of a French family (member of the French legislature).  We had a great time exploring Paris, and living within walking distance of the Louvre and the famous Left Bank of the Seine. … [Read more…]


On more than one occasion I have received one of those “chain” emails from some well-meaning acquaintance, urging me to sign a petition stopping Congress from providing Social Security benefits to “illegal aliens”.  Usually, when I’m emailed about an issue that seems unlikely on the surface, my first reaction is to check out one of the … [Read more…]

JAZZ in the Canyon

Well, it’s now a tradition! Once a year our little homegrown jazz group puts on a Jazz Sunday at our house in Sunset Canyon.  Our group gets together regularly to play, on alternate Sundays.  Currently the group consists of: John Hoag – Piano – a California-transplant CPA Steve Koppell – Sax – a psychiatrist from, … [Read more…]

MG’s Come to Waco

  It’s been some 6 weeks or so since “Cedric” our 1959 MGA roadster joined our garage.  Emboldened by first place finishes in two British car show entries, we decided to branch out a bit and join in the semi-annual Texas MG Registry “GoF” (gathering of the faithful). The event is held at different locations … [Read more…]

The Mortgage Crisis

Note:  This musing was written well before the Lehman/AIG/, etc crisis hit the fan.  I guess most of my insights are considered pretty obvious at this point, following the aftermath of the near collapse of the market and subsequent sinking of the McCain electoral ship.  Nevertheless, I leave the original thoughts here for history’s sake! I … [Read more…]

Bringing Cedric Home

Along about mid-August, I approached a nearby neighbor about the possibility of using her extra garage to store one of my vehicles.  She was very agreeable to the idea, so the following week Nigel, our ’59 Jaguar, made its way to its new home down the street. Nigel’s transfer created an empty space in our own garage.  … [Read more…]