1959 MGA Roadster

mga 1500-2

I am absolutely convinced that no more beautiful car shape was ever penned short of the MGA roadster (well, maybe the XKE roadster would give it a run for its money!).

After much careful searching for the right car, I found “Cedric”, our 1959 MGA MK I at a small boutique “exotic” car dealer in Southern California.  After a long phone conversation, I packed my bags, flew to California, and took possession of this little beauty.  Then I drove it all the way back to Austin, taking about 3 days to cross the desert.

Without question, this is the most enjoyable car to drive I have ever owned.  Its diminutive 1500cc engine offers only some 75 horsepower, but with the light body (no roll up side windows, no power top, no radio), the car will cruise all day long at 80 mph without complaint.  And the precise and quick rack and pinion steering is as good and responsive as the latest Porsche (with much more connection between driver and road surface).

During my ownership, I have had my share of minor mechanical issues… clutch release bearing failure, necessitating removal of the engine; brake master cylinder failure, and, most recently a seriously burned exhaust valve.  But the little engine is so simple and easy to work on, no task can seem too daunting (removing the engine’s head for valve repair was about a 1 hour task).

This car will definitely be the last car I ever sell.. and anytime one of those rare Texas top-down driving days occurs, you can guess which car I’ll be choosing!

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