I recently rediscovered a long-lost genealogy of our family, one that I created from family documents exactly 20 years ago!

I am thrilled to have found that our genealogy pages are still being hosted by the software I had originally used to create the documents.  You will find an extensive family tree, as well as many narratives created by various members of our family.

You will find a downloadable PDF copy of our  family history HERE:  Auldridge Family History

Additionally, here is a copy with obsolete contact details that is currently hosted on a third party site:

Online Auldridge Family History Last Updated 2006

Auldridge Reunion 2010 (and other photos)


Dad’s Funeral:

An Interview with Truett and Verba Lee Auldridge at their home in Goldthwaite, Texas, recorded some time in the mid-1990’s


Truett’s 80th Birthday Party