Figaro Technical References


See Acrobat/Figaro for the translated diagrams page.



There are a couple of websites which have all the parts diagrams with the original and cross referenced and replacement (superseded) Nissan part numbers.
The link for Figs are:

Once you click on the part and get the full part number (xxxxxx-xxxxxx) (also check next to it if there is a superseded replacement) you can phone up a Nissan dealer, speak to your local motor factor or search ebay to get price \ availability.

There is also the below site which gives you an idea and allows you to order (Make sure you factor in shipping, Parcel Force handling change and import tax)

There are also the Pao and S-Cargo parts listed here:

Also you can browse and change to other makes, perhaps more useful is changing to Nissan (Europe) and you can lookup the Micra K10 to see if the part numbers are the same:

There is an English version but it has no images:

This site can be useful to cross reference the pat number to other Nissan cars:
Just enter the part number at the top or browse by model.