Sorry.. This tank has been sold.. December 2019

1953 Ariel Square 4 Gas Tank For Sale

I recently paid $450 for this used tank.  Later I acquired a new Indian-made tank and have decided to go with it instead.

Upon stripping the paint from the tank, I discovered 5 or 6 small “dings” or indentations, all of which I believe are restricted to areas that would be painted using the standard paint scheme.  On repaint, the dings are small enough that they can be eliminated with a minimal application of body filler.

Small dents are circled. There could be others I have missed.

The tank appears solid otherwise, without leaks or pin holes.

The exterior of the tank DOES show numerous pitting.  Again, prepping the painted areas with limited application of body filler should hide these, but there is also some minor pitting throughout the to-be-chromed areas as well, that will likely require multiple plating steps to hide the pits.

I used a light-abrasive scotch rotary pad to clean up this portion of the chromed area

The tank is sold as depicted.. no badges or other adornment.

I do plan on treating the entire interior with Evaporust to insure a clean surface.

$350 plus shipping at cost (about $60) to most areas in the U.S.