A new family member

Earlier this year, we decided it was time to add a second pooch to our family canine collection.  After much study, it was decided that a Labrador would be a great choice.  Research found a nice mom-and-pop kennel located between Austin and San Antonio, just a 45 minute drive away.  It turned out to be a great choice. Chris and Linda Gray at Seven Oaks Kennel  seem like the perfect, caring, non-puppy mill family.  Turned out, a new litter had arrived in early January, and there were a couple of female yellow labs still unspoken for.  We made a deposit based on pictures, and then at 6 weeks drove down for our initial visit:

It was definitely a match for us, and in mid-March, Chloe joined us in her new forever-home!

Sadie, our Viszla, was not at all certain about this new interloper on the scene, but she soon warmed to the idea of having a regular lounging and sparring partner.

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