Washington D.C. Spring 2013

It’s been years since Dorothee and I last visited Washington D.C.  When she suggested late last year that this would make a good week’s vacation trip, I was all for it.  Thanks to our good friends Tim and Desiree Chagin we were able to get great rates at the Omni SouthPark (Tim’s a VP with Omni Hotels here in Austin).  The hotel is right near a little section of D.C. that is abloom with sidewalk cafes, and right on the fringe of beautiful parks and estate-sized homes.

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By cashing in on our stash of mileage miles we were able to travel free (First Class even.. thanks Dorothee, my in-house travel coordinator), so that left a few extra shekels to enjoy things we chose during our stay.

One of our favorite tricks when visiting a new city is to get all-day tix onboard one of those open air tour buses.  It is a great way to get a quick and comprehensive “lay of the land” and then we can go back later, if desired to spend more time at a particular area that interests us.

We were pleasantly surprised to find D.C. to be a clean amd picturesque city, very European in style, with lots of brick-paved streets and sidewalk cafes.  Between the open-air trolley and the excellent D.C. Metro system, we had no need for a car at all.

I decided to try something different this trip.. leave my regular camera at home and rely exclusively on my cellphone (a Nexus 4) camera for photography.  All in all, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality I could get from this little pocket wonder.

Click HERE or the photo below to visit my gallery of travel photos (yawn)

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