2009 Jazz in the Canyon

November 8 was the date, and 2008 Hidden Hills Dr. was the place!  Our annual jazz festivity!     Music was provided, of course, by none other than our own little homegrown jazz group, which includes:  John Hoag, piano Steve Koppell, sax  Michael Minnis, guitar James Minor, percussion Phil Auldridge, acoustic bass and Hammond B3 … [Read more…]

Sky Diving

In the early 1970’s while serving as a junior officer in the Navy, and stationed at San Diego, I joined a base “sport” parachuting club.  It was here I met my best (and longest friend) Tom Ryals, now living on the Virginia coast.  Our little club would go jumping almost every Saturday, for a couple … [Read more…]

Cavanaugh Bay Idaho

Near the end of my stay in Idaho, Jay and I flew up north of Coeur d’Alene to Cavanaugh Bay.  These are the rest of the pictures of that trip: Click here to return to the details of our Idaho adventure.

Flying the Idaho Back Country

Shortly after July 4 this year (2009) I accepted an invitation from my good flying buddy, Jay Burdeaux, to come up to his home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and do some back country flying.  I’ve known Jay since we both lived in Hawaii, some 20 years ago, and we’ve kept touch ever since. Jay is … [Read more…]

The life of a “car guy”

I have to admit, I’m a hopeless car guy.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by the intricacy of a well-engineered piece of machinery.  Many people see car ownership, and driving, as just a method of transportation.  To me, an automobile is a work of art (well, SOME of them), and the … [Read more…]

Busy as Bees

I’ve recently taken up the hobby of beekeeping.  Why?  Well, after some study I’ve become fascinated with the structured social order of bees.  These little critters band together with the sole purpose of insuring the survival of the group.  This extends right down to the willingness of worker bees to commit suicide when the hive … [Read more…]

Of Men and Wallets

There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to let go of cherished items.  Such was the case recently with my beloved wallet of some 10+ years.  Yes, this wallet has been with me through thick and thin (literally).  Through times of famine and prosperity.  Through it all, this baby has been … [Read more…]