Jazz in the Canyon 2012

  This year marked the 6th straight year we have held our annual “Jazz in the Canyon” celebration at our home in Sunset Canyon.  It is always great to see old friends, many times not since the previous year.  We were thrilled to have visitors from as far as California (Dorothee’s sister Mary and hubby … [Read more…]

Music, Music, Music

My new group, EVOLUTION, has been performing regularly this year.  The group currently consists of myself on keyboards and key bass, Michael Minnis: guitar, Darren DeBree: percussion, and Meriah Garrett, vocalist.  We play regularly at Evangeline Cafe, a great Cajun food joint in S. Austin, as well as regular appearances at Domingo’s Mexican Grill www.DomingosMexicanGrill.com … [Read more…]

Jazz in the Canyon 2010

Dorothee pulled it off for a 4th straight year! Our now-annual Jazz in the Canyon celebration. This year, on November 14, the weather cooperated superbly, greeting our 100+ guests with sunlight and cheer. In addition to our long-time 5-person core group, we’ve added a new group that I belong to called “Evolution” http://www.AustinInThePocket.com. Dorothee turned … [Read more…]

2009 Jazz in the Canyon

November 8 was the date, and 2008 Hidden Hills Dr. was the place!  Our annual jazz festivity!     Music was provided, of course, by none other than our own little homegrown jazz group, which includes:  John Hoag, piano Steve Koppell, sax  Michael Minnis, guitar James Minor, percussion Phil Auldridge, acoustic bass and Hammond B3 … [Read more…]