“Nigel goes to the Movies”

Our classic car collection seems to be getting more and more notoriety from the video and photoshoot communities. During 2013 “General MacArthur” had a cameo role in a new CBS series “Killer Women” (it was the initial episode if anyone is interested), “Cedric” had a nice photoshoot engagement, and will soon be the subject of a Petrolicious(.com) interest story.  If you’re a car-person and haven’t visited Petrolicious, you should.. as the name implies, there are some gorgeous automotive-related videos and articles.

Most recently, “Nigel” our 1959 Jaguar, (as well as yours truly, playing limo driver) had a small role in a music video filmed here in Austin for an up and coming local singer: Joanna Barbera.

You can view the music video below (select full screen viewing in the lower right hand corner once the video begins:



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