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Mexico 2017 Part Tres

<< VIEW PREVIOUS PAGE         VIEW NEXT PAGE>> [huge_it_slider id="3"] SABADO 15 JULIO Today we decided to make the long walk to Parque Queretaro 2000 and then on to the city's Costco store so Dorothee could stock up on provisions.  On the map, this park promised to be intriguing, as it looks to encompass one of the larger areas of any of the parks or plazas in the city. To get there, we had to cross to the other side of the Rio Queretaro (just a few blocks from our house), leaving what was originally designated (during ...
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Mexico 2017 Part Dos

<< VIEW PREVIOUS PAGE         VIEW NEXT PAGE>> [huge_it_slider id="3"] JUEVES 13 JULY Today we gave ourselves permission to rest.  We had a leisurely morning a la casa, then a leisurely stroll down to the plaza(s) for desayuno, then back home for an "administrative" day at our respective computers. The day completed rather inelegantly with a mediocre meal at one of the Mexican restaurants just off Jardin Zenea (in spite of encouraging Yelp revues). We notice a common item on many menus to be grasshoppers, and I am determined to try it (however disgusting it might sound) ...
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Mexico 2017 Part Uno

[huge_it_slider id="3"] Nothing can be more tortuous than spending a July or August in sweltering Austin.  Last summer we vowed we would find a cooler locale.  We finally settled on Queretaro, a lovely city situated in Central Mexico, about a 3 hour drive north of Mexico City. Queretaro couldn't have been a better choice in our quest to beat the heat.  We arrived mid-afternoon on July 9 to find the temperature to be a wonderful 75 degrees (and that seems to be the norm here, due to the city's 6,500 ft elevation). Thanks to Uber (and the current 20 pesos/1 ...
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Going, Going, Gone

As time goes on, I am faced with the reality that there is a limit to the number of vehicles an individual owner can acquire, maintain, and drive regularly.  In recent years, I have had to face the choice of divesting myself with a few outstanding cars, in favor of being able to give proper attention to the remaining ones. With that in mind, I passed along ownership of 3 of my prizes in recent years:  a 1951 Hudson Hornet Club Coupe, 1965 Corvette C2 roadster, and a pristine 1972 BMW 3.0CS coupe. The 3.0CS represents the only car I've ...
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Man’s Best Friend

They say that a dog is a man's best friend.  If our own canine companions (Veloce - Whippet, and Cicero - German Shorthair Pointer) are any example, then that phrase is indisputable. No human could or would exhibit the unconditional love, obedience, and trust that is a natural component of most dogs' personalities.  Our two dogs have become an integral part of our family, a family we would do anything for. Sadly, the focus of this blog is in Cicero, who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer February 1, 2017 Cicero is in great spirits today, he has been spending ...
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