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The Queen’s Revenge

Almost 2 years ago I realized a long-time dream.. acquisition of a 1953 British Ariel Square 4 motorcycle. Mine came sight-unseen from an East Coast owner, who represented the engine as having been "overhauled" less than 2,000 miles ago. Overall I was pleased with the initial physical condition of the bike. Not a show bike, but not a beater, either. As is my normal M.O., my first step was to join up with online owner websites, both the US and British clubs, and began to scour the forums for information on my new baby. I have made some modifications from ...
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Mexico 2017 Part Siete

<< PREVIOUS This will be the last blog segment as we prepare to depart Mexico.  It is with mixed feelings that we contemplate leaving Queretaro, as our time here has left an indelible memory of mostly pleasant surroundings, experiences and encounters. The kindness, patience, and courtesy of Mexican citizens can't be over-emphasized.  Every aspect of life here seems to resonate a quiet, self-sufficient spirit, with a happy, contented sense of well-being, regardless of material possessions or financial status. We have been most impressed with the fastidious cleanliness of the streets and shops, the "after-you" courtesies that pedestrians (and vehicles) accord ...
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Mexico 2017 Part Seis

PREVIOUS                                 NEXT >> Miercoles 27 Julio Today was the big day! The day my bespoke hand tailored pantalones were to be ready. I eagerly skipped next door (literally) to the tiny tailor shop and had to wait outside while another patron took up the only remaining space inside the shop.  It gave me a chance to reflect on the freshly washed sidewalk outside, a daily practice of all the shopkeepers (likely government mandated as well). Finally it was my turn.. I stepped inside, and yes, ...
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Mexico 2017 Part Cinco

PREVIOUS                                 NEXT >> VIERNES 21 JULIO We are beginning to develop a workable routine for our days here in Queretaro.  After a long full day, we generally reserve the following day for rest and relaxation. At first my farm boy work ethic was resistant to the idea of just laying around all day, but then, when you think if it, the average American is just that:  Go to some fancy beach-side resort for a week, and lounge by the pool guzzling one of those fancy ...
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Mexico 2017 Part Cuatro

<< PREVIOUS                                 NEXT >> MARTES 18 JULIO Today was "tour" day for us.  We arranged with Uriel to provide an all day tour of interesting places away from Queretaro.  As expected, he showed up right on time, early morning, for our adventure. Our first stop was San Sebastian  Bernal.  A lovely village kept spic and span to accommodate the influx of tourists attracted to the main spectacle of the area, the 3rd largest monolith in the world "Pena de Bernal" (3rd largest according to Uriel, ...
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