Balloons over Lake Travis

On Saturday, Aug 2, Dorothee and I got up at 5:00 AM to watch the launching of some 20 hot air balloons at the Mansfield Dam of Lake Travis.  Absolutely beautiful! It is so cool to watch these balloons rise majestically, and silently into the air, and then glide off into the distance.  Most had … [Read more…]

United Kingdom – July 2008

WARNING… Contents of this blog may induce serious drowsiness… do not operate a moving vehicle while reading this post!  Many of the comments I’ve made here were primarily to remind Dorothee and I of our trip when we look at this again next year, so it is filled with serious minutia.  Proceed at your own … [Read more…]

Vintage at the Vineyards

 In April, I flew to Seattle to pick up our new garage toy, a beautifully restored 1972 BMW 3.0CS coupe.  2800 uneventful miles and 4 days later, the coupe was sitting in its new space in our garage. Emboldened by the trouble-free drive from Seattle, through Southern California, and across Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, Dorothee … [Read more…]