Greenwich, CT.. August 2012

In 2003 Dorothee and I met our now-good-friends David and Shree Mickelson while on a cultural exchange trip to Havana, Cuba.


At the time of our meeting, David and Shree were just dating, but married the following year, and subsequently met up with us in Hawaii during their honeymoon.

Since then, we’ve remained in close contact.  This August we finally had the opportunity to visit David and Shree at their beautiful tree-surrounded home on the outskirts of Greenwich, Ct.


David previously lived in Brooklyn for a number of years, so he knows Manhattan like the back of his hand.  We were both eager to explore what was uncharted territory for us.  On two wonderful days, we traveled into the city (just a short 45 minute express train ride from Greenwich right into Grand Central Station), and covered a lot of territory.

To add icing to the cake, my longest friend, Tom Ryals, who lives on the water in Northeastern Virginia, drove up from his home and stayed with us throughout the trip (Tom had previously met Dave and Shree last November on a simultaneous trip to our home in Austin).

 We also visited Coney Island (ask me about that roller coaster ride) and took a neat ferry ride to “Beach Island” just off the coast of Greenwich:




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