Spain and France – 2015

Dorothee and I have traveled to a number of European countries… England, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy.. but have never been to Spain until July 2015.  Our flight was to Barcelona, where we spent several days and met up with our good friends (and fellow worldwide travel companions) Dietmar Panten and Britta Behmer from Munich.  From there it was overland by rental car through southern France, then returning to the Spanish Atlantic coast and then overland back to Barcelona.

We loved every minute of the trip, but both agreed that our 4 days in Zaragoza, Spain was definitely the highlight, and we will likely return there at some point.

With respect to boring travelogues, I have kept the video below to well under 9 minutes, so it can be safely digested in one sitting without permanent brain damage.



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