Going, Going, Gone

As time goes on, I am faced with the reality that there is a limit to the number of vehicles an individual owner can acquire, maintain, and drive regularly.  In recent years, I have had to face the choice of divesting myself with a few outstanding cars, in favor of being able to give proper attention to the remaining ones.

With that in mind, I passed along ownership of 3 of my prizes in recent years:  a 1951 Hudson Hornet Club Coupe, 1965 Corvette C2 roadster, and a pristine 1972 BMW 3.0CS coupe.

The 3.0CS represents the only car I’ve ever owned TWO of.  The first was a beautiful Fjord Metallic (light blue) with dark blue leather interior, that I enjoyed back in the early 80’s.  And the final coupe was one I acquired in pristine condition in 2008.  

Last year, the good guys at Petrolicious.com  contacted me, wanting to feature my car in a new “extraordinary cars for sale” segment of their online blog.  At first, I was reluctant, but finally gave in.  The end result was a beautiful write up about the car, as well as a portfolio of professionally produced photos.

It took me some 8 months after listing to actually give in to a persistent buyer from California, and finally turned the car over to the next appreciative owner.

You can view the original Petrolicious Listing

Now I feel like I am finally down to my core collection, which, in addition to 5 motorcycles,  currently consists of:

1967 Saab Model 96

1953 Nash Healey LeMans Coupe

1959 MGA roadster

1991 Figaro coupe/convertible

1940 Cadillac Fleetwood

1940 Buick Ltd 90 Special Limousine

1959 Jaguar MK IX Saloon

1964 Mercedes 230SL roadster (restoration in process)

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