A House IS a Home!

During the almost 30 years Dorothee and I have been together, we have lived in 5 different houses.

Looking back, however, none of the prior houses we’ve owned/occupied have every truly felt like OUR home until now. For example, our first house in Hilo came with orange (yes, Denny’s ORANGE) wall tile in the kitchen, as well as a huge gawdawful mural painted all across the living room wall, and complemented by a dark cork and mirror tile entry.

Moving to our current home in Dripping Springs changed all that. From the moment we set sight on OUR home, we knew it was right for us.

Even the furniture and decor of the previous (and first) owner just looked right. This house just met all the dream requirements we’ve had over the years: a single level home, with 10 foot ceilings, and lots of light; stained concrete floors; a large spacious kitchen for Dorothee; garage and workshop for Phil, etc.

For the first time ever, we moved in, felt right at home, and didn’t have to immediately start scheming on how we were going to change everything around. It was pretty near perfect as it was.

This spring (2013) has really made us appreciate being in this special place in the Hill Country.  Wildflowers have popped up everywhere, and are lasting well in the summer season:


And, all the trees have grown tremendously since we first moved here, providing needed shade and privacy:


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