Washington D.C. Spring 2013

It’s been years since Dorothee and I last visited Washington D.C.  When she suggested late last year that this would make a good week’s vacation trip, I was all for it.  Thanks to our good friends Tim and Desiree Chagin we were able to get great rates at the Omni SouthPark (Tim’s a VP with … [Read more…]

Germany 2012

We have been anticipating our trip to Northern Germany for many months now.  We were invited by our good friends of 15 years Dietmar Panten and Britta Behmer to join us at their new vacation home on Schlei Fjord near the extreme northern border of Germany.  We have visited Dietmar and Britta many times at … [Read more…]

Cavanaugh Bay Idaho

Near the end of my stay in Idaho, Jay and I flew up north of Coeur d’Alene to Cavanaugh Bay.  These are the rest of the pictures of that trip: Click here to return to the details of our Idaho adventure.

Flying the Idaho Back Country

Shortly after July 4 this year (2009) I accepted an invitation from my good flying buddy, Jay Burdeaux, to come up to his home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and do some back country flying.  I’ve known Jay since we both lived in Hawaii, some 20 years ago, and we’ve kept touch ever since. Jay is … [Read more…]


In 2004, Dorothee and I spent a month living in the center of Paris.  We had exchanged our then-home in Hawaii with that of a French family (member of the French legislature).  We had a great time exploring Paris, and living within walking distance of the Louvre and the famous Left Bank of the Seine. … [Read more…]

Bringing Cedric Home

Along about mid-August, I approached a nearby neighbor about the possibility of using her extra garage to store one of my vehicles.  She was very agreeable to the idea, so the following week Nigel, our ’59 Jaguar, made its way to its new home down the street. Nigel’s transfer created an empty space in our own garage.  … [Read more…]

United Kingdom – July 2008

WARNING… Contents of this blog may induce serious drowsiness… do not operate a moving vehicle while reading this post!  Many of the comments I’ve made here were primarily to remind Dorothee and I of our trip when we look at this again next year, so it is filled with serious minutia.  Proceed at your own … [Read more…]

Vintage at the Vineyards

 In April, I flew to Seattle to pick up our new garage toy, a beautifully restored 1972 BMW 3.0CS coupe.  2800 uneventful miles and 4 days later, the coupe was sitting in its new space in our garage. Emboldened by the trouble-free drive from Seattle, through Southern California, and across Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, Dorothee … [Read more…]